‘Biggest Loser’ looks for winners in Indy

Get ready to shed some pounds and cry beautiful tears of inspiration, because “The Biggest Loser” is making its way to Indianapolis to see if any Hoosiers belong on season 12 of the popular reality series.

“We love the Midwest,” Barbara Wulff, the casting director for “The Biggest Loser” said in a press release. “We always pay attention to where most of our letters and home tapes come from, and we get a lot of them from Indiana.”

NBC’s popular reality show about contestants trying to lose weight is doing a search in 13 cities to find contestants who have about 100 pounds to lose. All candidates must be 18 years old and legal U.S. residents.

Although the press release says it is searching for “charismatic and outgoing contestants,” Wulff said that the show doesn’t have a “type” and encourages potentials to just be themselves.

“The casting call will be a long day,” she said. “Everyone should be ready to meet amazing people. I mean, we’ve had people fall in love in line.”

“The Biggest Loser” tries to help contestants regain their life, especially as many on the show are struggling with obesity or other severe health problems associated with being overweight.

With $250,000 as an end prize, it adds an extra initiative to drop the pounds for contestants, who are provided with weight-loss skills and resources throughout the show, including professional trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels.

Columbus, Ind., native and season 8 alum of the show, Allen Smith, couldn’t be happier about the change that the show started in him.

“The best part of being on the show was getting my life back,” he said, adding that anyone who needed a jump start to changing their life should most definitely audition.

Junior  Sociology  major Emily Welter, who currently has an acquaintance from high school on the show, issued similar sentiments.

“It’s one of the most inspiring reality TV shows,” she said. “They obviously have physical development, but they work on personal development too. It’s kind of like emotional therapy.”

Casting call will be held at Indiana Live! Casino in Shelbyville, IN on Feb. 26 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Click here for more information.