Late night food fans rejoice

Fat Dan’s Deli is a mecca for meat lovers, or any late night Broad Ripple bar-hopper looking to taste the “best fries in the universe.”

Fat Dan’s is an authentic Chicago-style deli and pub whose mission is for the customer to, “Be our friend. Live life right. Have fun, be comfortable and get fat!”

Fat Dan’s Deli certainly accomplishes all of that and more.

Fat Dan’s is open until 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and midnight on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The two most popular dishes are the beef brisket and Chicago Italian beef. Although, as the night progresses, the wings seem to gain in popularity.

Something that sets Fat Dan’s apart from other late night favorites in Broad Ripple is that they are one of the only places to have Delirium Tremens beer on tap.

Fat Dan’s menu is heavy on red meat and pork and in no way vegetarian friendly, with the exception of the delicious Peyton’s grilled cheezy.

Although non-meat options are hard to find, this variation on the classic grilled cheese is the perfect solution.

Peyton’s grilled cheezy is the king of grilled cheese. It’s made with five different cheeses squished between two pieces of whole grain bread.

Upon request the chef will even make it extra gooey—just like mom used to make.

On the side of this epic grilled cheese are “the best fries in the universe,” and that’s not an exaggeration—it’s what they’re called.

Everything is made fresh and quickly, so you do not have to sacrifice time for quality.

When you receive your food there is yet another surprise: no plates.

Your order comes hot from the grill on a sheet of butcher paper, allowing you to be as messy as you desire and still have a swift and easy cleanup.

For rib lovers looking to try Fat Dan’s, you will be relieved to know that they give each table their own paper towel roll instead of a sad napkin dispenser that has no shot of keeping up with your saucy mess.

The staff of Fat Dan’s Deli is fun, funky and friendly. They are eager to make a joking conversation with any incoming customer.

Yet, be aware. The tip jar is labeled “pirate ransom money” for a reason.

“If you don’t tip, you’re not leaving,” a staff member said.

To be safe, throw in at least some loose change to ensure your safe return home.

On a more welcoming note, the staff holds true to the menu, which states that hugs are always free.

The restaurant itself is warm and cozy, equipped with flat screen TVs. Memorabilia from Chicago sports teams line the walls.

If sitting around isn’t your thing, there is also an arcade racing game for your entertainment.

Fat Dan’s is a proud Butler sports supporter displaying a men’s basketball jersey and pennant on the wall.

The atmosphere of Fat Dan’s is laid back and comfortable, which is even tempting for the busiest of bodies.

For most college students, budget factors a lot into where you decide to eat. Fat Dan’s is well-priced. Most meals range between $5 and $10, and if you are getting fries, count on having some to bring home because the portion size is very generous.

If you’re nice and have plenty of conversation with the friendly workers they just might let you take home a free cup too.

Fat Dan’s Deli is located at 815 Broad Ripple Ave., and is open for lunch and dinner, with a late night option on weekends.