Students spread spirit by decorating dorms, houses

Butler University students put up decorations as they return from Thanksgiving break and look towards the winter break that soon awaits them. But Butler’s restrictions on exactly what can be used in decorating residential areas have prevented some students from “decking the halls.”

Many students who live in residence halls hoped to hang decorations, but their options are slightly limited.  Restrictions against decorations in residence halls include: no stringed lights, no decorations on ceilings, no spray-snow and doors can only be 20 percent covered, according to Schwitzer Hall Staff Assistant Kelsey Druckman.

“The stringed lights are really the biggest thing they can’t have,” Druckman said.

These restrictions as very limiting in what is supposed to be a time to spread joy and cheer in the name of the holiday spirit.  However, many of the decorations such as the lights are severe fire hazards and these restrictions exist in order to protect the safety of students living in the residence halls.

On the other hand, some of the Greek houses, particularly Delta Gamma and Tau Kappa Epsilon have gone out of their way to create an atmosphere of holiday thrill with their decorations.

With the help of their house mom, Rose Shingledecker, the women of DG decorated their house using garland, lights and stockings. The look was made complete with an giant, and fully adorned Christmas tree that gives off that “real Christmas scent,”which so often is a staple of the holiday season.

The women planned a night to decorate the house while enjoying each others’ company and in getting into the holiday spirit.

“We had hot chocolate and cookies out and a bunch of girls helped put up decorations for a few hours,” sophomore DG Christine Fisher said. “We really get into the Christmas spirit.”

Although there are some restrictions on decorations to protect students, the lobbies of all residence halls and other buildings string lights and play songs to provide all of campus with the holiday spirit.

Students can consult RA’s or the student handbook to find safe ways to decorate.

“Decorating our room makes it feel a little more like home,” sophomore Sally Roeder said.