LETTER TO THE EDITOR | CRU posters offend; lack class

I find the new CRU Christmas posters to be extremely offensive and I sincerely doubt that they are reflecting what the club wishes to be seen as.

The new posters caught my eye with their flashy design, so I stopped to give one a read. Most of the content is fine, but the final portion of whats printed alarmed me.

As a club within a university free from religious affiliation, CRU should feel free to actively meet and have activities, but printing on campus wide posters a message that clearly condemns any students of non-Christian beliefs is just unacceptable.

Wondering if I was the only one who was put-off by these posters, I asked a large number of my friends what they thought. Many of them, including those who identify as Christians, were uncomfortable with the message printed on the posters.

I’d like to stress that most of the poster is a simple message stating CRU’s religious beliefs, which is entirely acceptable, but ending the poster by telling me that I’m going to spend my life “trapped in my own brokenness” is not only really offensive but also pretty classless, if you ask me.

I totally support expressing your opinions on personal beliefs, but not when you start telling others what will happen to them if they don’t share the same beliefs as you.

Doug Johnson