Professor named in top 25 business law blogs

Butler University assistant professor of business law Mike Koehler’s blog has been named as one of the Top 25 Business Law Blogs of 2010 by LexisNexis.

“It was a nice recognition,” Koehler said.

His blog, FCPA Professor, deals with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act—a piece of legislation that Koehler calls “the most important U.S. law when it comes to doing business in an overseas market.”

Koehler said the FCPA regulates bribery and corruption, but is about more than just the typical exchange of suitcases full of cash.

“Any interaction that a company has with foreign officials will be governed by this law,” he said.

Before coming to Butler two years ago, Koehler spent 10 years working as a lawyer in private practice. His interest in the FCPA came from the fact that it was a substantial part of his practice.

“He is one of the best in the country at the subject,” professor of economics Bill Rieber said.

The lack of information about the law is what motivated Koehler to start his blog.

“I knew that there was a huge void from an academic perspective on this law,” he said.

Koehler said the blog deals with a very specific, niche industry, but is nonetheless read around the world.

“The blog has brought attention to what he researches,” College of Business Dean Chuck Williams said.

Since publishing academic pieces usually takes some time, Koehler says the blog is a useful way to stay academically involved.

“The blog is a good way to supplement my academic scholarship , ” he said.

Koehler said that he often utilizes his blog as a teaching tool in the classroom, which is helpful to the students’ understanding of the subject.

“We’re interested in having students understand how these ideas benefit business practices,” Williams said.

Koehler is a favorite among his colleagues, who say they enjoy working with him.

“Mike’s well-liked and respected by his students and colleagues,” Williams said.

Rieber said that he enjoys discussing sports with Koehler, who is an avid sports fan.

“We think very highly of professor Koehler. He is great in the classroom, very committed and enthusiastic,” Rieber said.

Williams said Koehler’s great research background and great work experience was a perfect fit for Butler and the College of Business.

“We look for faculty who can excel in the classroom, expand knowledge via published work and communicate ideas in the business world to influence business practice,” Williams said.

Rieber also said Koehler’s expertise provided a double advantage for students.

“He wants business students not to have to go through attorneys, but also wants to serve as inspiration to those who wish to become attorneys,” Rieber said.

Williams emphasized Koehler’s combination of academic work and experience as an important contributor to his success at Butler.

“We look for people who are academic and also in the real world,” he said. Rieber mentioned that Koehler’s presence was one of the things that allowed Butler to start a new business law minor this year.

He said he hopes Koehler will teach core classes in the future.