Media arts department creates Web series

Members of the Butler University media arts department held open auditions for students to act in a comedic Web series produced and created by students.

Since his junior year in high school, junior Trevor Roach has been waiting for the chance to make a Web series.

Now he finally has that chance, thanks to the media arts faculty and students of Butler.

Over the summer, Roach began to talk to other students about possible interest in producing a comedic Web series.  He also began pitching the idea in his classes and began productive meetings around the beginning of September, student producer Roach said.

The small crew has been meeting to smooth out some of the details, beginning with writing a tentative script and deciding on when and where to shoot scenes.

The crew and producers have finished writing the pilot episode and are now holding open auditions to Butler students.

The five to 10 minute show is the typical story of a college student named Cody.  He is a student just arriving to college with two roommates, Dustin and Edwin.

The show follows the roommates as they deal with the everyday issues of college life.

The producers and crew consider it to to be a more laid back project because it is not an assignment, but rather a chance to prove what they can do, crew member junior Tommy Balestreri said.

“We’re just trying to make a great show that would entertain a lot of people and build our own résumés as well,” Balestreri said.

Many of the students involved see this as more of an opportunity to make themselves known and show the world and even future employees what their capabilities and talents are.

“It’s a great opportunity for us kids in the media arts program to have something to work on to gain more experience, outside of the classroom,” crew member junior Rachel Hollingsworth said.

The producers plan to release the pilot episode early this month and on episode every month after.


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