Marathon to go through campus

The 2010 Indianapolis Monumental Marathon may cause some dilemmas for Butler University students and parents Nov. 6.

The marathon, which highlights some of Indianapolis’s more recognizable monuments like Lucas Oil Stadium, the Arts Garden and the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, will go through campus as part of the course.

Ben Hunter, Butler University Chief of Police, said he is happy to see campus as a part of the event, but acknowledges that some problems might arise, as race day coincides with Butler’s Family Weekend.

Hunter said there would be new parking regulations along Hampton and Sunset in order to accommodate the marathon.

“Unlike other times when we have to shut down parking along the roads through campus, like homecoming, that only last a couple of hours, the marathon is a day-long event, so we will be shut down for the majority of the day,” Hunter said. “This means we have to find a solution for multiple hours on what to do about the parking.”

The department has developed a university parking map for the weekend that Hunter said will highlight different areas that will be available for parking during the marathon and for Family Weekend.

The maps will be distributed throughout the week to all resident halls.

In addition to the parking dilemma, campus will be much more crowded than usual—which always raises security concerns. While there will be security on duty at the events, Hunter said there is no reason for alarm or suspicion.


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