Film’s prediction for future has its hits, misses, 25 years later

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” This line, from 1985’s “Back to the Future,” is uttered by Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) to Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) moments before they take off in Doc’s Delorean time machine into the future. Thirty years into the future to 2015 to be exact.

In “Back to the Future II,” Marty marvels at the wonders of the future like a tourist might when arriving in Times Square. He is in complete shock at how everything is different and in awe of  how civilization has advanced.

With the films being re-released on DVD and Blu-ray for the 25th anniversary of the first film last week, it is a good time to compare and contrast what has really happened versus the predicted future.

The future scenes take place in 2015, but  2010 is close enough.

Like any film dealing with the future, “Back to the Future” shows the world as an extraordinary place where technology has made life incredibly easy. The filmmakers were close on some aspects, but on others they were way off.

In the “Back to the Future II” version of 2015, mankind still has cars that drive, but these cars now can simply take to flight with one push of a button.

Maybe Ford and GM should produce a car that can literally fly past traffic to boost their sales.

In the future, fashion looks like the 80s with even more vibrant colors and extravagant patterns. One thing that is worth noting are the power self- lacing Nike’s that Marty wears. Nike has recently patented the power-self lacing idea, making the Nike McFly’s a definite possibility for the real future.

One thing the filmmakers got spot on was the movie industry moving into 3D territory.

“Jaws 19—3D” is playing in theaters in the movie version of 2015, which is very similar to certain movie franchises nowadays that are made in 3D and are extremely played out —Saw 3D for example.

Video games have changed greatly in the fake future as well. They are still played with controllers but have begun to take different and crazy shapes.

In the film, Marty goes to the Café 80s and sees an old arcade game that two kids are playing with. The kids cannot believe you have to use your hands to play, proclaiming it to be “a baby’s game.” They run off to play some futuristic game, presumably.

Today, motion sensored games such as the Nintendo Wii and the Playstation Move, are the norm and make Marty’s preferred arcade games outdated.

Something the world needs now is the hoverboard.

Hoverboards are just like skateboards, but hover instead of roll. The only problem is that they do not work over water, unless you have “power,” which, unfortunately for Marty, the Mattel version did not.

But perhaps the greatest prediction of the film is that the Chicago Cubs finally win another World Series in 2015. For suffering Cubs fans, myself included, it is good to know that the Cubs may win one after all, barring any natural disasters.

These predictions for the future are just some of the things that make “Back to the Future II” and the rest of the trilogy enjoyable.

If you have not seen these films, check them out. They are a pop culture necessity. But remember, when 2015 comes, make sure you are wearing your Nike McFly’s, driving/flying your brand new Ford and going to see a 3D movie, just like Marty would.