Student interest pushes creation of art and design major

Starting this year, Butler University students interested in the field of art have a new major choice to consider.

The new art and design major explores art in a technological setting.

The program consists of 33 hours and requires a thesis and an internship for completion.

Associate professor of art Gautam Rao said “it was definitely student interest” that led to the creation of the new major.

Rao added that the most interest in the new major has been shown by students in the Jordan College of Fine Arts and the College of Communication.

Junior music major Rachel Anderson said part of what makes this major interesting is that “it is a unique and different approach to art.”

Anderson said she is excited that  this program integrates classic visual arts with a technological approach, something that is becoming more of a necessary skill in this field.

Even though she is already in her junior year, Anderson anticipates being able to complete the program on time.

“It’s nice that it will fit into my schedule,” she said.

Rao said the new major will be very helpful in providing students with an enviable skill set that will benefit them in the future.

“We wanted a major that would combine marketable skills with creative thinking,” he said.

He is not the only one who believes that such an integrated art major will significantly affect students’ career options and skills in the field.

“I’d like to work in some type of studio,” Rafael Porto, sophomore vocal performance major, said.

He believes that going through this program will be very helpful to his future career plans.

Porto plans to combine this program and his current major into a double major.

“I do a lot of photography on the side,” he said.

Porto said he sees himself benefiting from the digital media aspect of the art and design major.

“I think the design skills are going to make them instantly marketable,” Rao said. “They translate well on a resume.”

Rao explained that not only is the program unique in its approach to the study of art, but it is also not offered everywhere.

“We haven’t found any other program across the country that integrates in this way,” he said.

Not only will students have a more attractive set of skills to list on their resume, but Rao said he believes that the art and design major will truly help students grow as artists.

“Creative thinking will sustain the students for a lifetime,” he said.

Following the interest of many current Butler students in the program, Rao believes that interest will only grow as the program develops.


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