Homecoming evokes Butler pride

Some mornings I wake up so exhausted that I don’t want to attend my classes. Some days, I let my shoulders drop dejectedly when I discover the seven articles posted on Blackboard that I have to read for class.  Some days, I make more than one Starbucks run in order to finish that English paper. Some days, I curse that the parking spots closest to the back door of ResCo aren’t open and I have to park unreasonably far away.

But, there are some things that I never do. I never regret deciding attend Butler and to call myself a Bulldog.

I’m always happy to open my curtains in the morning and see the grass on the mall shining brightly back at me through my window. I’m always happy when I walk into Atherton to discover that they’re serving grilled cheese. I’m even happier when I walk into ResCo and see that they have the pasta bar open.

Above all else, I am generally happy to go to class, unless I have that sinking feeling in my stomach as I look around at my classmates and realize that I didn’t prepare for that quiz as thoroughly as I should have.

Every day, Butler University surprises me with some token of good news. Some mornings, it’s when I’m dying for a caffeine fix and Levester Johnson unexpectedly buys me an always-delicious chai tea latte at Starbucks. Other days, it’s when I check my e-mail to discover a call-out meeting through the Butler Connection that I want to attend. Some days, it’s nice to know that I can talk to my professor after class about grades, tests or even more personal matters. It’s great knowing that if I shoot my adviser an e-mail, she’ll get right back to me, offering me a time and date to stop by her office so that we can talk.

This past weekend was Butler’s homecoming. The excitement on campus was infectious as everyone was grinning ear to ear as they strolled around campus. Some students, including myself, attended the football game against Morehead State with their parents and close family friends.

Other students sat on the hill with roommates, boyfriends, girlfriends and best friends and cheered on our team.

It was incredible to watch other students, parents and alumni cheer, scream, clap, stand up, stomp their feet on the bleachers and passionately root for the Bulldogs to play the best game they could.

I was in awe all morning as I strolled through the Bulldog Beauty Contest. I watched all the bulldogs walk on by, snorting, slobbering and barking at the other dogs. Every col—or combination waddled in front of me, evoking a comment of adoration  when they passed by.

I watched young children accompanied by parents and grandparents stop by face-painting booths and pop around in the bounce houses set up in front of the Health and Recreation Complex. I saw parents and prospective students toting around Butler Legacy balloons that matched the legacy shirt I was wearing.

Watching all the current Butler students and alumni reconnect and enjoy the beautiful campus, I couldn’t help but be overcome with pride and excitement.

Since the day I received my acceptance letter, I was proud to share with others that I intended on attending Butler University.

But, this weekend’s homecoming events made me even more proud to call myself a Bulldog.

Butler is not only an exceptional university to study at, it also provides numerous outlets for socialization and inclusion in the Butler atmosphere. I felt so at home this past weekend as I grinned at my friends that passed me during the parade on their various floats.

As if I wasn’t already aware, homecoming cemented in my mind what a wonderful second home we all have here at Butler University.

I’ve never been quite so proud to call myself a Bulldog.


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