LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Collegian informative inside the “bubble”

It seems that people only write letters to the editor to complain or criticize. That changes now.

I was disturbed and taken aback while reading last week’s issue to find a letter to the editor criticizing the content of this publication for writing shallow articles, insignificant to anyone outside of “The Butler Bubble” and detrimental to the mind set of the incoming freshmen class. I must respectfully disagree with said remark.

Granted The Butler Collegian is not my first option as a news source and perhaps I skip articles about sports or Greek culture; but, that is my option as a reader. I do not think it is the responsibility of The Butler Collegian to inform me of anything but Butler simply because my tastes for media exceed “The Butler Bubble.”

Where else is a commuter to learn about campus parking? Surely, USA Today will not be informing me and surely, it is not the least of my concerns (as I enjoy not paying parking tickets).

It seems to me that rather than The Butler Collegian trying to cater to all the various tastes of a diverse campus, we as individuals of the Indianapolis community should take the responsibility upon ourselves to “think about the world around us.”

Let’s teach the freshman class that when they pick up The Butler Collegian their global awareness does not stop there. We have access to the Indianapolis Star, USA Today, The New York Times, NUVO, as well as access to magazine subscriptions through Irwin Library. It isn’t as though the Butler campus doesn’t acknowledge the world outside of our bubble; it just doesn’t need to make front page news on our university’s publication.

It also strikes me that perhaps someone isn’t reading their newspaper in its entirety as I recall almost writing a previous letter of praise concerning the first issue, as it most certainly did contain a compelling article regarding “the proposed Muslim center near Ground Zero.” Mary Beth Sekela, a favorite Collegian journalist I’ve been following for over a year now, tackled such critical thinking and global awareness in “Freedom greater than pride, anger at Ground Zero.”

In short, I defend The Butler Collegian for its focused Butler news with a mere sprinkling of “pressing” issues. I believe the staff performs both competently and adequately within the realm of a student newspaper.

Quite frankly, if The Butler Collegian began to resemble those other newspapers I pick up I wouldn’t need to pick it up. Kudos for delivering me Butler University’s news!

Danielle E.R. Valenilla