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New SGA president has new goals, aims for accessibility

The Student Government Association’s office in Atherton Union has a new look. The door was open, and boxes were scattered everywhere as SGA President Mike Keller stood atop a step stool, remodeling the room. “I have no complaints about last year’s SGA group,” Keller said, “but this year we’re going to focus on some new

Advisers a ‘guiding force’ for student government leaders

Students are not the only ones working behind the scenes for Butler’s Student Government Association. The PuLSE Office has four individuals who advise SGA and its various boards. Dean of Student Life Irene Stevens said the role of an SGA adviser is to help executive members do the job to the best of their ability

OPINION | It’s the passion that counts

The recent struggle for Student Government Association President-elect Mike Keller to find nominees for the position of vice president of diversity programming has shed some light on the issue of filling SGA vacancies—and how best to push and represent diversity on Butler University’s campus. SGA usually requires that applicants for vice president of diversity programming


Being as that I am so far away from Butler’s campus this semester, The Butler Collegian and Connection are the only two ways that I receive any news whatsoever regarding the happenings within the university. It is my great displeasure to share with you that I extremely disagree with the way you went about handling

OPINION | Endorsements harm media’s credibility

On Monday, Butler University students will hit the polls ready to vote for the next Student Government Association president. For those reading this very editorial, they’re seeing the giant headline that shows that the staff of The Collegian approves of Mike Keller and found him to be the best-suited candidate in the election. You’ll see