Crime in Broad Ripple causes concern

Broad Ripple, a popular destination for Butler University students, has been hit with a recent crime trend.

A representative from one popular destination, Buffalo Wild Wings, said that any sort of crime is possible.

“We see all sorts of people around… but we do not get in their way and let the police handle any situation,” the representative said.

Crime has been on the rise for the past three months, and both the Butler University Police Department and local authorities are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of local residents.

BUPD has been warning students of the danger through email, and students are now aware of the risk they take by traveling to Broad Ripple.

“I’ve heard of other students having bad experiences, such as drugs being put in drinks and a friend being stolen from, so I don’t want to get hurt by going to Broad Ripple,” said Rachel Fish, a freshman exploratory business major.

The first step toward safety for Butler students is awareness, said Bruce Allee, a BUPD detective.

“We as a force do not have the manpower to cover the Broad Ripple area, but we encourage students to call us if they need an escort or help at any time they deem it necessary,” Allee said.

Students who do go out at night should make sure to keep valuables out of sight in a parked car.

“Even if a suspect sees a bag, they will break the window to look for anything they can grab,” Allee said.

And in the case that someone attacks, not fighting him or her is the best way to avoid injury.

“Do not fight with anyone over something of small value or a debit card that can be cancelled within a mere 30 minutes of the confrontation,” Allee said.

He also said to take advantage of any transportation Butler has to offer students on the weekends to and from Broad Ripple.

“The whole purpose of the shuttle is to provide safe transportation for students to and from Broad Ripple, and it is available to any student who wants to use it,” Student Government Association President Mike Keller said.

Students can reach the BUPD at (317) 940-9396. In case of an emergency, local authorities can be reached by dialing 911.


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