Weekly horoscopes: crunch time edition

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NATE LEMEN | OPINION COLUMNIST | nlemen@butler.edu

The end of spring semester has the capacity — and the tendency — to be brutal. Summer break is on the horizon, but the multitude of responsibilities standing between you and break makes it feels as though you’ll never get there. Now is the time to prepare for those final few weeks, and luckily, the Collegian’s very own in-house Starmasters are here to guide you.

Aries: Folks: it’s Aries season. Now is the time to truly focus, so try to set goals without worrying about others. Just keep in mind that however much you may want to fight the kid making too much noise at the library table next to you, that probably wouldn’t be conducive — unless it’s another STEM major talking about how *stressed* they are.

Taurus: An all-nighter here and there over the next few weeks may feel necessary, but keep the repercussions in mind. As much as your professors may like the idea of you devoting countless hours of outside work to their class, they probably will like the actual impact of falling asleep in their class less. Just try not to spread yourself too thin as the semester comes to a close.

Gemini: While you’re more than capable of shifting between the weekend “life-of-the-party” vibe and Monday morning classroom extraordinaire, try to keep that to a minimum in the upcoming weeks. We get it; you’re two-faced. There’s no reason to play with fire like that.

Cancer: There is nothing wrong with crying in the library a few times a week. When it gets to everyday, though… well, perhaps you should spend a few extra minutes with Irwin’s therapy dogs.

Leo: Your high self-esteem will be an astrological godsend as finals week rolls around and the university-wide end-of-semester stress ensues. Though some people may view your academic confidence as arrogance, you should be proud — just keep telling yourself they hate you because they aren’t you.

Virgo: Intelligent and considerate, you usually get the job done without complaining. Don’t let your expectation for perfection cloud your mental wellbeing, though. Having high standards for yourself isn’t bad; passive aggressively putting them on your friends is. Stay in your lane while keeping the big picture in mind.

Libra: Yes, there are only five weeks left in the semester. But if you spend every day worrying about how much you have to get done and how little time there is to do it, the math will be increasingly less likely to check out. Maybe make a checklist or two — you’ll start to feel better as you check off the small tasks you added specifically for that purpose.

Scorpio: Listen, man, roommates are there to help you work through some of your emotions and stress from finals if it gets too overwhelming. They have their own finals to deal with, though, and it gets a little gauche after the twelfth day in a row of you getting back from classes and expressing the unconscionable levels of stress you’re under.

Sagittarius: Your ability to occasionally focus will ostensibly come in handy for finals, but you’re also likely going to be kneecapped by your inability to refrain from overcommitting. Hopefully you’ll be able to learn this lesson for next year, reflecting back on the wasted hours spent meeting with your friends during finals week to help them stress-redecorate their room.

Capricorn: While it’s not like it will be any different than the rest of the semester, these last few weeks will be especially hellish. You’ll keep telling yourself you’re going to make it through, and hey — optimism, however misplaced, isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Aquarius: It is important to remember that it is okay to take some time to yourself, especially as the numerous responsibilities line up in a truly haunting and pejorative conga line. However productive you convince yourself the big group study session is, it is equally important for some quality alone time and self-reflection.

Pisces: Your friends are going to love you over the last few weeks. Your willingness to help them, even in the face of your own responsibilities, will undoubtedly ingratiate yourself with your peers. Just remember that it is okay to say “no” sometimes — and, perhaps, to charge people for your services.


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