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Fall in love with October

Autumn on Butler University’s campus. Photo from Flickr. CARISSA MARQUARDT | OPINION EDITOR | cfmarqua@butler.edu It may not feel like it, but it is official: fall has arrived. This time last year I was becoming an icicle at a renaissance fair, red-nosed and numb-fingered thanks to a relentless sprinkle of frozen rain. This time last

The good, the bad and the dirty of random roommates

Illustration by Jessica Lee. CARISSA MARQUARDT | OPINION EDITOR | cfmarqua@butler.edu MARIA RAPISARDA | ASST. OPINION EDITOR | mrapisar@butler.edu Considering your first college roommate could mean the difference between a horror story and a fairy tale when you tell your family about them. Hearing so many of the former and not enough of the latter