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OPINION | SGA should heed advice of national government expert

When Butler University’s Student Government Association failed to release the vote totals from the recent SGA presidential election even after the SGA assembly voted in favor of releasing them, I felt that it was a large misstep for SGA. Now, those who think it is wrong to release the numbers should think again about their

OPINION | Make presidential votes count

It’s not a national election, but SGA presidential campaigns are sure to entertain. Butler University students may be thinking like I am that this U.S. presidential campaign season has gone on long enough, considering all of the media hype it gets. Butler students are soon going to feel the hype getting closer to home as

OPINION | Good journalism clearly calls for more transparency at Butler

The Butler Collegian has undergone quite the facelift this year by reporting on things that impact the entire student body, by looking at things not just at face value and by source-building and digging around for newsworthy stories. The Collegian has started a conversation on campus that I don’t always like to hear, but it’s

OPINION | Conflict of interest policy necessary

In a perfect world, college students could do any combination of things and never have a problem, but, as Butler University is not a perfect world, conflicts of interest are an unfortunate byproduct of being an active student leader on campus. Typically, leaders in student government are also leaders in a variety of other organizations,

Podium Expressions seeks big childhood names

Remember the Reading Rainbow song? That little ditty was a part of many a child’s Saturday morning ritual—sitting in the living room with a bowl of Cap’n Crunch, listening to the wisdom of LeVar Burton. And just think, Burton might be coming to Butler University, or at least, that’s the hope of Sarah Kuchinsky and