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Creativity Creates Community: The Butler Community Arts School

WRITTEN BY MALLORY DUNCAN, ARTS, ETC. ASSISTANT EDITOR The Butler Community Arts School exudes a certain glow. It originates from a child radiant from the joy of learning and understanding. But it also comes from a teacher’s glowing pride as his or her pupil grasps a concept for the first time. Butler University students can

Children make music through community school

Twelve-year-old Selin Oh has been a part of the Butler University community longer than most Butler students. For three years, Selin’s mother drove her to Butler every Saturday to rehearse and study music through the Butler Community Arts School. The BCAS is an initiative of the Jordan College of Fine Arts that provides instruction in

African beats bring community to campus

The Butler Community Arts School provided another groovy way for working adults—and students—to enhance their artistic abilities. The school began an adult African drumming class last week to add to their adult piano class and adult big band class held in the summer. Matt Harris, a Butler University  graduate who majored in percussion, said he