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OT: NIL Insanity in College Football Recruiting

OT: NIL Insanity in College Football Recruiting

NILs are beginning to change college football recruiting for the long term and its effects could be devastating for the long term health of Division I football.

Thornton Dial explores global issues

“Hard Truths,” an exhibit from artist Thornton Dial, explores complex social problems that have plagued, and still run deep, in our society today. Racism, alienation, global politics and homelessness are all targets for Dial, who expresses his opinions in very original pieces of art. Dial, born and raised in a rural town in Alabama, has

Trees remind of sports traditions

What if a Wright State fan burned down Hinkle Fieldhouse? Or a Valparaiso fan rented a wrecking ball to knock it down? An equally devastating event happened at Auburn University a few weeks ago when Harvey Updyke Jr., a 62-year-old University of Alabama fan, allegedly poisoned  two sprawling oak trees at “Toomer’s Corner” with an