317 Eats: Delicias Jalisco

The mangollda at Delicias Jalisco. Photo by Kiran Brar.


Only 10 minutes away from campus is Delicias Jalisco, a local ice cream shop right off of 38th Street. It is located in a random strip mall, so it might be overlooked by some. I decided on visiting here after seeing a picture of their mangollada on a friend’s Snapchat story. This mango sorbet is topped with fresh mango, tajin and chamoy sauce. Just writing about it makes my mouth water all over again.

Victoria Zambrzycki, a sophomore pre-pharmacy major, accompanied me on this visit. Walking into the shop, we viewed the menu largely printed on the wall with ease. It was safe to assume that many of the items were freshly made just by looking through the items—that, and the large piles of fruit that were behind the counter confirmed my suspicions. I really appreciated the pictures next to the text because I like to see what I’m getting into before ordering. Zambrzycki noted that the menu was easy to read because each Hispanic food had an English translation right next to it.

“It was a welcoming environment, and we were helped right away,” Zambrzycki said.

I got the mangollada without hesitation because I am a sucker for the mango and tajin combo, and Zambrzycki ordered an oreo paleta. Paletas are a Mexican frozen treat that are very similar to popsicles, but they are made with whole ingredients, such as fresh fruit or desserts.

We decided to sit inside to eat our frozen treats because we didn’t want them to melt on the drive back to campus. Plus, we were just really excited to try what we ordered.

I found the mangollada to be just as good as I anticipated—sweet with the perfect level of spicy. The mango sorbet was a little sweeter than I expected it to be, but each bite incorporated some spice due to the generously added tajin and chamoy sauce. The balance between flavors was perfect. I really enjoyed the tamarind covered straw at the end because it tasted just like Pulparindo candy. It was like the cherry on top for my tastebuds. I found the $5 price to be reasonable for this unique drink, so I was happy with my purchase.

“It [the paleta] was everything I could’ve imagined—not too sweet, not too watery and the perfect blend of milk and cookies,” Zambrzycki said.

Delicias Jalisco also serves tortas, hotdogs, fresh fruit juice, fruit smoothies and milkshakes. Zambrzycki and I just wanted a quick fix of dessert during our visit, but I would happily stop in again to try their food. 


Ambience: 9/10

COVID-19 precautions: 9/10

Taste: 9/10

Experience: 10/10


Location 1:

3851 Georgetown Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46254

United States


Location 2:

7940 Michigan Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46268

United States


Location 3:

2201 S Sherman Dr

Indianapolis, IN 46203

United States


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