BASKETBALL ISSUE | Hopkins, Jukes share similarities

by Lexi Tanton

Chrishawn Hopkins, sophomore guard for Butler basketball team has been able to come through for the team in crucial moments.  In this way, he’s not unlike former player Avery Jukes, who was also able to help the team in some important moments.

Both of these players have come off the bench willing to play against some of the team’s most challenging competitors like Duke and Florida. Jukes was one of the players that played with a full heart in the 2010 National Championship game against Duke.  Jukes played 18 minutes in that game and scored two three-pointers.  He scored a total of 10 points and four rebounds.  Even though the Bulldogs did not walk away as champions, they still made Butler proud.

Like Jukes, Hopkins came off the bench in a post-season game.  It was the 5th round of the NCAA tournament against the Florida Gators.  He wasn’t in for long, but Hopkins scored three essential points for the Bulldogs—three points that separated the final score and gave the bulldogs the victory.  Hopkins and Jukes both have experienced pressure during game time.  However, that doesn’t seem to have much of an impact of their game.

Despite the fact that Jukes graduated along with other players that have contributed to the Bulldogs’ success, with young players like Hopkins now playing for the bulldogs, Butler’s future looks promising, no matter what some people may think.  The bulldogs have proven their talent time and time again; Hopkins, along with the rest of the team, will surely keep the newborn legacy alive.  With the leadership of head coach Brad Stevens, we should expect great things in the future.


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