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Bill doesn’t prompt review of transfer credit policies

While a new bill in the Indiana Senate would streamline the transfer process at state universities, it has not caused Butler University to reevaluate its transfer policies. If passed, Senate Bill 182 would create statewide standards that would require all state schools to adopt a common course numbering system and give priority in admissions to

OPINION | Butler keeps autonomy through transfer rules

Senate Bill 182 will not, should not change Butler’s autonomy and academic integrity. The rhetoric and actions of Indiana legislators surely can prevent people from believing our elected officials will pass a bill with unanimous support. But the day before Gov. Mitch Daniels signed the controversial right-to-work bill into law, the Indiana Senate passed Senate

Education reform affects future teachers

While heated education reform debates across the nation are reaching an apex, many professionals in the education field believe legislators are focusing too much on the placement and control of power instead of students’ best interests. Issues being addressed by legislatures in Indiana and other states include the expansion of charter schools and voucher programs,

STAFF EDITORIAL | Political games hurt Indiana

The state of Wisconsin garnered nationwide attention when legislation was proposed to cut the collective bargaining rights of state employees. Even more interesting was the Senate Democrats fleeing to Illinois to avoid voting on the measure and stalling the legislative process. In Indiana, Democrats in the House of Representatives followed suit and on Feb. 22,