Dawgs With Style: Annie Brown

Musician and Butler student Annie Brown has style that reflects her passion for music. Photos courtesy of Mason Lovett.

AIDEN SMITH | STAFF REPORTER | absmith2@butler.edu

Annie Brown is a musician who utilizes her music phases to inspire her fashion sense. This junior jazz studies major uses thrifting and inspiration from other musicians’ styles to stand out amongst Butler students. Brown’s alternative 90’s outfits make her a dawg with serious style.

The Butler Collegian: How would you describe your style?

Annie Brown: I like to thrift a lot, so it is really just whatever I find. I try to find cool things that I can put together. I really like baggier pants with boots. 

TBC: Where do you find inspiration for your style?

Annie: Definitely Lennon Stella is a big inspiration for me right now. My friends do a lot because I spend so much time with them and go to the same places to shop. I always pick up ideas from them. 

TBC: How has your style evolved into what it is today?

Annie: I feel like I go through phases, but I have always been into alternative fashion. Over the summer I had a chain phase while I was listening to Billie Eilish a lot. It changes with my music taste too.

TBC: Can you tell me more about your passion for music?

Annie: I have phases in music too, but it always goes back to Americana folk rock music. I will have phases where I will pick up people like Billie Eilish and listen to her for a month or two, same with Lennon Stella. For my own music, I write my own songs. That’s the biggest hobby that I have.

TBC: How does your lifestyle and music affect your style?

Annie: With shows and gigs, it gives you an opportunity to be more exaggerated with what you wear. When you’re on stage, people are looking for that. It’s fun pairing things that wouldn’t ordinarily go together when I have a gig or something. For my last one, I wore black cargo pants and a really flowy kimono and thought that it was really fun.

TBC: What are three staple pieces that people need to get for this fall?

Annie: Plaid pants, platform boots and a good belt. 

TBC: Where are some places that you like to do your thrifting around Indy?

Annie: There are some places in Fountain Square. There’s Vintage Vogue which has a couple different locations and there’s a place in Fountain Square that does not have a sign out front, but it is a few places down from Vintage Vogue that’s really cool.

TBC: How do you think that your style stands out among other Butler Students?

Annie: I feel like it is a bit more exaggerated. I like being extra.

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