LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Biased election article

While reading through (last) week’s Collegian, I was shocked with how the election was handled.

I realize there wasn’t much lead time and the president won the election, but the article was incredibly one-sided.

I look at the front page of the newspaper as the “News” section.

Only the first three paragraphs were news; the rest was opinion.

If a particular columnist who wanted to explain why he or she voted for the president and use quotes from fellow students who also voted for him, that’s fine.

I found it inappropriate that, in a “news” article, only one person was interviewed who voted for Governor Romney, and the writer made the assumption that students only voted for Romney because they didn’t like the president.

If you want to write a news article, make it unbiased. If it’s opinion, label it as such.

Opinion should be kept off of the front page.

                    —Matt Siler


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