OPINION | Fans should support more than basketball

Homefield advantage means nothing when students do not attend spring sporting events.

I would expect Jordan Hall or the library to be empty on the weekend.

However, I wouldn’t expect this at one of the many athletic competitions that go on every weekend.

Student attendance at sports games this spring has been very low.

At the girls softball game v. the University of Illinois-Chicago the stands were half full and an overwhelming majority of the fans were parents.

The baseball team took their efforts to new levels when they played Wright State.

The Bulldogs provided the most popular drink at every college—beer—in an attempt to attract more fans.

Although the teams traded wins and losses, the extra fans that the booze attracted, boosted the offense as the team scored a combined 19 runs on the day.

Fan turnout influences success and the basketball team will get more fans than any other sport. Combine that with being in the Hoosier state, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

The exhaustion from the long basketball season might be a reason for the low turnout for spring sports, but it is not an excuse.

For all the love there is for the men’s basketball team, some could be shared among all sports.

The baseball, softball and track teams are all having decent seasons, and with a little fan support, the tennis team could improve upon its record.

Teams perform better across the board because of the positive atmosphere generated by the fans.

As a football player, I know that in football the 12th man is almost as important as anyone on the field.

The noise and atmosphere generated can mentally crack even some of the most experienced and skilled teams.

Since Butler is a small school, it is important that each group support each other. This applies to all sports in every season.

If the volleyball team or women’s basketball team got one-fourth of the fans that fill up Hinkle Fieldhouse for a men’s basketball games, they would appreciate it.

I want students to mob  games like they do going to the bars or parties on the weekend.

With the home stretch of the spring season approaching, everyone should make an effort to attend at least one game.

If you’re just not a fan of spring sports, the football team’s spring game is on Saturday and men’s and women’s soccer is in action for their spring exhibition games as well.

There are plenty of opportunities for students to come out and show their support.


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