First lady to be “all-around host”

As her husband begins his time as president, Bethanie Danko is stepping into her role as first lady of Butler University.

But Bethanie also will act as a university relations associate, a position she said may evolve as different needs arise.

For now though, she said her main goal is building and strengthening relationships with people who have ties to the university and promoting the president’s vision.

“I’ll be an all-around Butler host and helper,” she said.

Bethanie was a professional writer in higher education for 10 years, dealing mostly with strategic plan writing and marketing content. She said that while she will employ her writing skills, she will more likely be listening to and networking with people to promote the university.

“There are literally thousands of people that we’re going to meet this year who care about Butler and want to see Butler do great things,” she said. “It’s exciting and energizing to meet that many people who care about the same thing.”

Bethanie said she also sees herself interacting with students during service activities and events.

“Anytime I don’t have to do something else, if there’s a service project, count me in,” she said.


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