MLB playoff predictions

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This week, The Butler Collegian’s Sports section gave their predictions on the Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs. Here is what some members of the section had to say about the playoff picture


Although I am checked out of the playoffs because the Guardians’ season was a huge flop, I will still tune in occasionally. The Braves seem to be the easy pick in the National League since they are the best team in baseball this year. I am intrigued by the competition in the American League, and I think it is open to any team. I’ll be happy as long as the Astros don’t win the Pennant. I think most people are rooting for the Orioles as they are playing their first playoff game in the last 40 years, and I could definitely hop on that train. 


Despite the popular vote of the Braves or Dodgers coming out of the National League this year, I think history will repeat itself and they will fizzle out in the playoffs as they did last season. Instead, give me the Phillies making another Pennant run. As for the American League (AL), there is a lot more debate amongst the general public. Despite falling to the Rangers in game one, I will be taking the team who boasted the best run difference in the AL, the Rays. Both teams have lost a World Series in the last five years, but this year I will be taking the Phillies to bring home their first World Series victory since 2008, to finally get Bryce Harper his long deserved ring. 


To be totally honest, I have not paid as close attention to the 2023 MLB season as I should have after the White Sox were unbearable to watch all season long. The 12 teams that survived the tight playoff races will hopefully bring exciting games for all fans alike. The Astros, Braves and Dodgers are the frontrunners to win another Pennant — rightfully so with their talent and October experience, but I am going to join The Birdland for this season’s MLB playoffs. The most remarkable aspect of the Orioles’ 2023 season is how they were able to turn the team around in the right direction two years after an awful 52-110 season in 2021, and also finish with the best record in the American League. Who doesn’t love a good success and comeback story? I need the White Sox to take note of the Orioles. 


The MLB playoffs are full of fun, up-and-coming teams like the Orioles, Marlins and Diamondbacks, all of whom could be ready to make some serious waves. As much as I’d love to see a Baltimore versus Arizona or Miami World Series, that is unlikely to happen. All three young teams lack the thing that proves to be vital in October: pitching. So who does have what it takes to hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy? In the American League, it is tough to pick anybody but the Astros, who are looking for their fifth World Series appearance in the past seven years. I believe the National League will be more competitive with the top four seeds all having a legitimate shot at the Pennant, but give me Butler’s own Ryan Pepoit and the Dodgers to go the distance for Los Angeles’ first title in a 162-game season since 1988. 


I know nothing about baseball. Literally zero knowledge about MLB, Little League, NCAA … you name it, I don’t know it. That being said, since both of my home state teams, the Guardians and the Reds, are not in the dance, I’ll have to pick a new team. I’ve heard the Atlanta Braves are good, and my best friend is a fan of them, so that’s my pick. This one’s for you Grant. Don’t mess this up for me. 


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