Butler football vs. Wabash preview

Butler football will be under the night lights this week as they take on Wabash. Multimedia reporter Aaron Rhoades previews the game.


Aaron: The Bulldogs football team this Saturday is looking to keep up their winning ways under the lights of the Sellick Bowl against Wabash. The Bulldogs are riding high after a big 41 to 13 win against Taylor last weekend. Here’s Coach Uremovich with his thoughts on how the team feels coming into this game.

Coach Uremovich: We’re excited to play man, we only get 11 opportunities to play every year. So it’s a chance to play a team like Wabash, good tradition, local, a lot of guys on our team know guys that play on their team. So it’s gonna be a lot of fun and they’re a really good football team. So it’d be a big challenge for us.

Aaron: However, the Bulldogs will need to give it everything that they have to make sure they can put a tally in the win column this weekend.

Coach Uremovich: Well, we always got to get ball security and have ball security on offense and try to get turnovers on defense and games no different special teams with big in every game. But their offense is really really good their Quarterback is a very talented player and an all-American great football player and their defense presents a problem their really physical. I know their defense coordinator really well. He’s a good friend of mine. I know they’re very well coached and they’ll have a good plan. So you know, it’s about settling the game and trying to figure out what how they’re going to play out some adjustments.

Aaron: Now this weekend’s game will be a BlueOut, which means if you plan on attending make sure to have your blue on. Kickoff will be at 6:00 p.m. for The Butler Collegian I’m Aaron Rhoades Go DAWGS.


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