Spring semester “ins” and “outs” with Culture

The upcoming spring semester holds many possibilities. Photo by Ben Caylor. 

The Culture section here at The Butler Collegian prides itself on keeping its finger on the pulse of the most pressing cultural movements, both within Butler’s campus community and the broader world at large. The staff has taken note of the rising trend of announcing its cultural predictions in recent years, and have taken it upon themselves to deliver the definitive diagnosis for what is “in” and “out” in the Butler campus community this semester; read on for more.

LEAH OLLIE | CULTURE CO-EDITOR | lollie@butler.edu 


Getting your BCR credits

If students have been slacking on one of the most cultured graduation requirements Butler University has to offer, this semester is their chance to get back on top! With the amount of incredible speakers, performances and showcases on this campus, it should be no problem at all to check off the required “eight before you graduate”. Be sure to watch the Butler Arts and Events website for upcoming performances, and check out Butler Engage to see a calendar of upcoming student organization events that may qualify for BCR credit. 


Being rude to Starbucks baristas and Bon Appetit employees

All students understand the stress of rushing through the ResCo quesadilla line with 20 minutes to spare until class, but that is absolutely no excuse for rude manners. This semester — and forevermore — have some class and some courtesy; don’t snap at service workers. They deserve our utmost respect and appreciation for what they do to keep this campus running, so be sure to thank — or tip — one the next time they’re doing a great job.

OWEN MADRIGAL | CULTURE CO-EDITOR | omadriga@butler.edu


Being outside and embracing nature

Now may not be the most opportune time to spend hours outside. However, with spring quickly approaching, there are so many ways to get out of the library, Jordan or any other designated study areas around campus and just do it outside. The mall is a great choice and is sure to be full of Spikeball and hammocks soon. Other beautiful places to embrace the upcoming spring season include the Central Canal or Fairbanks Park for a hot girl walk or the patio behind the observatory overlooking the Butler woods.


Being annoying in the HRC

With students trying to keep new year resolutions, a lot of people are going to be at the Health and Recreation Center. It should remain a fun and supportive environment, but it can be hard with some of the gym bros who seemingly stay all hours of the day. Machines are limited as it is, so imagine how difficult it is to keep a resolution when the single bench press is being used by one person with five friends standing around cheering. Ab work on the mats can also be difficult when this is happening nearby. Either way, having fun in the HRC far outweighs making it unenjoyable for everyone else.

GIANNA CASSIN | STAFF REPORTER | gcassin@butler.edu


Sushi at Plum Market

The beloved Plum Market sushi is back! Although a large section of the refrigerated section was blocked off last semester, it is now open again. Along with the sushi that so many students desperately missed, the cheese and grapes are back, as well as some other on-the-go snacks to enjoy.


Being embarrassed about carrying an umbrella

Spring is coming, which means more rain. No one is judging someone for carrying an umbrella when it is pouring rain. People will be envious of others for having it while they are running through puddles and getting their socks soaked just to find shelter. It’s not embarrassing. Check the weather forecast; bring an umbrella. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Be prepared!

SAMANTHA COHEN | STAFF REPORTER | srcohen@butler.edu 


Using a meal plan instead of ordering out to eat 

The meal plan that a good majority of students have — use it! There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the semester, only to see the copious amount of meal swipes, flex meals and flex dollars left. As tempting as ordering delivery or going out to eat is, students should use the meal plan while they can! It will save money in the long run. 


Doing homework in bed 

Students often default to doing homework in bed, which can be a slippery slope for falling asleep instead of accomplishing the task at hand. This all-to-common bad habit prevents students from accomplishing the reading they meant to do, or the biology homework, or any homework for that matter. Next time students are thinking about cuddling up in bed with the pages of math homework they have to do, they should go somewhere else instead. Try studying at Starbucks or in Levinson Family Hall.

MEGAN FULLER | STAFF REPORTER | mafuller@butler.edu


Ham and cheese croissants from the Butler Brew

Ham and cheese croissants from the Butler Brew are certainly worth the hype. It is the perfect option for breakfast or lunch on campus. Try to get to Dugan Hall when students are mostly in class to avoid the lines, and grab a coffee there too. If ham is not the vibe, they also have plain, cream cheese and chocolate. Next time students are looking to avoid the dining hall, give the croissants a chance.


The new printing system

Printing at Butler used to be rather simple. Students could easily print from their phones or computers using the PrintSmart website or app. Over break, Butler decided to change that. It is now a much more complex process which has left students angry and confused. Students now have to add Butler printers to their computers, print from their computers, sign into their accounts twice, then scan the QR code with their phones to release the print to the printer. It should not be this hard to print. Bring back the old system.

MASON KUPIAINEN | STAFF REPORTER | mkupiainen@butler.edu


Utilizing the Writer’s Studio

An overlooked resource on campus is the Writer’s Studio. Even if students don’t have any urgent questions about an assignment, it never hurts to have another pair of eyes look over a paper. The time slots are rarely full, so it’s quick and easy to schedule an appointment.


Procrastinating assignments

It’s easy to shrug off assignments until the last minute. However, as students begin the new semester, now is the time to stay ahead on classes. Since professors schedule out the semesters in the syllabus, looking ahead at bigger assignments and slowly beginning to work on them will help alleviate some of the stress and workload later in the semester. It’s also just a great way to stay motivated and organized, rather than scrambling around as finals near.

ABIGAIL OAKLEY | STAFF REPORTER | aloakley@butler.edu 


The walk from AV to main campus

This is a controversial take. When it’s raining or cold this walk can feel awful, but it’s time to embrace this part of the day. This walk is the perfect time to catch up on podcasts or music. The morning walk to class can be an opportunity to calm down and get ready for the day. While we might not all love it, all AV residents have to do it. So, we might as well make the most of the extra time and declare this trudge in for the semester.



College is infamous for the hustle and bustle of classes, clubs and internships – but this semester overscheduling is out, and recharging time is in! In the midst of all student’s commitments, don’t forget to grab a coffee, take a nap or spend a night in. Butler also has a plethora of mental health resources including counseling, group therapy and even a list of apps and websites for all those who are feeling the stress of the semester. 

GWEN PAVICH | STAFF REPORTER | gpavich@butler.edu


Studying at Levinson Family Hall

The new semester means it’s time for Butler students to find their new favorite study spots. With the construction barriers finally removed from outside Butler’s sciences building, Levinson Family Hall has become a new favorite study spot. The three-story expansion brings in lots of natural light and offers multiple seating options for those who study in groups and for those who prefer to study alone. So if any Butler students are looking for a new study spot this spring semester, Levinson Family Hall is worth checking out.  


Skipping classes  

As Butler gets farther into a new semester, students start to get worn out and come to their classes less frequently. Attending a class is essential while at Butler because it helps students understand the course material better, professors are available to answer any questions and staff members are more willing to write a letter of recommendation for students who show up. However, if any student is going to miss a class because they’re sick, need a mental health day or have any other emergency, they just need let their professors know that they won’t be there ahead of time.

JACK WILLIAMS | STAFF REPORTER | jrwilliams@butler.edu


Afternoon Naps

Staying awake through the afternoon is a challenge, especially when the sky is gray and the Starbucks line is twenty minutes long. As it turns out, reaching for a pillow could be just as beneficial as reaching for a matcha. Taking a power nap before 3 p.m. provides benefits like increased alertness and improved mood, according to Mayo Clinic. Make sure to keep the nap to below 20 minutes to avoid any grogginess.


Walking through Jordan Hall to reach I-Lot

The trek to I-Lot is arduous in the best of circumstances. Last semester construction work under the Jordan Hall-Gallahue bridge added another obstacle to students’ journey. They were forced to meander through the halls of Jordan Hall and dodge around their peers. Thankfully, the construction fences have been removed, and students are free to head straight down the I-Lot stairs. 


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