Gallahue, Levinson Family Hall construction due for completion by spring semester, 2023

Students navigate ongoing construction of the science buildings.  Photo courtesy of Lauren Jindrich.


As construction on Butler’s science buildings comes to a close, students and staff are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of the completed Gallahue, Holcomb and Levinson Family Halls. The south end of Gallahue Hall, currently under construction, will be opened just in time for spring 2023 semester, according to Meagan Burton-Krieger, director of development and lead development officer for the college of liberal arts and sciences. 

Ongoing construction has caused confusion for Butler students throughout the past few years. Before classes began for the fall 2022 semester, doors to Gallahue and Levinson Family Hall were completely closed, causing students to have to enter through the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences building and walk through Holcomb to get to classes in other parts of the sciences complex.

The doors to Levinson Family Hall are now open, but in order to get to classes, students have to walk past construction barriers to get to a ramp leading to the entrance. 

Lily Sagala, a sophomore political science and risk management and insurance double major, said construction has made it difficult to move from class to class. 

“Trying to get between different buildings in 10 minutes with so many doors blocked off is frustrating and puts me in a time crunch,” Sagala said. 

Luanne McNulty, associate dean of academic affairs in the college of liberal arts and sciences, is faculty liaison for the renovation. She said that balancing construction and teaching spaces has been difficult. 

With such a large amount of classroom space, McNulty said it was impossible to close down the entire complex for construction. Instead, the project is being completed in two phases to allow faculty some classrooms and labs to still teach from. 

Another potential frustration for students is figuring out where Gallahue, Levinson Family Hall, and the Holcomb Building start and end. 

Burton-Krieger clarified that Levinson Family Hall consists of the new construction between the Holcomb Building and Gallahue Hall. The Holcomb Building is on the far eastern side of the complex, while Gallahue is on the western side. 

“When all three buildings are open, there will be a really continuous feel of the project,” Burton-Krieger said. “By design, it will be hard to know where Gallahue, Levinson Family Hall, and Holcomb start and stop.”

Working on signage for all three buildings was one of the next steps for the project. Burton-Krieger said that although construction has been frustrating, it is a testament to the accommodation of the Butler community. 

“We can see the end, but it’s just helpful to remind ourselves that this has been a community effort to make this possible,” Burton-Krieger said. 

The $10 million dollars for Levinson Family Hall were donated by Butler graduate Frank Levinson. Levinson will be present at the official dedication and naming of the building on Oct. 7 at 2:30 p.m. 

McNulty said the construction project was designated into two parts. The north end of Gallahue was finished and re-opened during spring break 2022. 

McNulty said the complete overhaul will include eleven new classrooms, as well as many new lab spaces. A joint chemistry and biology lab will be unveiled on the second floor of Gallahue, creating a new collaborative space for both departments. McNulty said it was a priority to ensure research and teaching labs were near each other in the new space, thus ensuring ease of movement within the space for students and faculty. She said this is important in order for students to be best prepared for their post-graduate careers. 

“It sends a message that for science education, and for all Butler education, we value giving students experience doing the things they’re going to be doing once they leave [Butler] so that they have the training to succeed in their future goals,” McNulty said. 

Burton-Kreiger said after the science complex fully opens in Dec. 2022, there will be a formal grand-opening ceremony sometime during late spring 2023. 


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