Butler blizzard


Students, families and Butler Blue IV enjoy playing in the snow on Feb. 3. Photos by Francie Wilson, Lauren Jindrich and Lauren Hough.

EMMA CHAMLEY | STAFF REPORTER | echamley@butler.edu 

Butler was hit by Winter Storm Landon late last week, which swept across much of the Midwest before moving to the Northeast. In-person instruction was suspended for Wednesday late afternoon, Thursday and Friday. 

Some professors decided to hold class on Zoom, while others canceled declaring it a snow day. 

First-year psychology major Kennedy Culbertson came to Butler from Fort Myers, Florida and said this was the first time she experienced a snow storm. 

“I loved it,” Culbertson said. “That was probably one of the most fun weekends of my life, going to Sellick Bowl and getting to sled, being with friends. I have a friend from California and she also experienced this for the first time too, so it was just so much fun.” 

Although she was disappointed about attending some of her classes on Zoom, first-year health sciences major Kelsey Youngcourt said the snow day offered a much needed break and time to hang with friends. 

“I love snow days,” Youngcourt said. “[Thursday] me and most of my dorm went sledding, and just played in the snow for probably two [or] two and a half hours. It was a blast. Snow days make everyone feel like they’re a kid again.” 

Having two days off gave Paige Denning, first-year pre-pharmacy major, plenty of time to catch up on work, which meant she could spend the weekend with friends. 

“If we hadn’t had all that snow, I wouldn’t have been able to go spend the day with my friends,” Denning said. “I was able to get my work done over the days off, so that was good.” 



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