You’re Golden, Girl: You owe serenity to yourself

Graphic courtesy of Collegian files. 


Not hitting the snooze button sounds simple, but the action is not easy. Putting both feet on the floor is a small victory, along with a fundamental one. Even in the most short-term, impermanent moments, you owe it to yourself to feel over-the-moon elated, if that is your initial feeling. A self-fulfilled, conscientious mind is needed to interact, react and recover.

Everyone processes the events of their lives in individual ways; you are allowed to take the necessary steps in order to achieve your own serenity.

There is a point in time where letting things get to your head is not worth it anymore. There is zero time to ponder when you are spiraling downward. And isn’t it exhausting? It physically feels like you are in slow motion, even though your thoughts are racing. Even if you do have time to contemplate your confusion, you at least owe it to yourself not to be down in the mouth. There is a difference; even though confusion and discontent often feed into each other, it is important to keep them separate. Even when things are not peachy in your mind, you owe it to yourself to have your feelings validated because they are indeed relevant. But you also owe it to yourself to maintain a conscientious mind, just like choosing to not hit the snooze button.

Our soul’s heartbeat is different from the one that is physically beating, but they share Band-Aids. Your heart, soul, brain and mind are all related, and it is astounding to think that our brain and our soul have to find a common core. You owe it to yourself to at least tell your brain to organize your filing cabinet — and employ the shredder while you’re at it.

With love and gratitude,



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