Introducing “Help a Dawg Out” advice column


Are you ever in need of unbiased and honest answers to your craziest university questions? Do you ever wish there was someone entirely anonymous that could help you by giving some much-needed advice about transitioning into college or the real world? Then you are in luck, Butler students.

The Butler Collegian introduces the new advice column, “Help a Dawg Out.” The column is judgment free and open to any Butler student wanting advice on the pressing issues of student life.

How do you submit questions to this helpful column you ask? Simple. Just email “” starting your question off with the heading, “Dear Dee O.G.,” proceeded by your question, and closed with an anonymous signature.

This column is entirely confidential! This means Dee O.G. will never divulge the identity of someone who asked a question in confidence.

So go ahead, send in your first question as soon as you can! Then, look for it in the throughout the week on the Collegian’s website– with a helpful bit of advice courtesy of Dee O.G.