Coffee shop jazz: The Sunset Four


If you venture to the north side of Indianapolis, you will come across a small coffee shop known as Thirsty Scholar. If you are lucky, you might hear some live jazz by The Sunset Four.

The Sunset Four are a local jazz act featuring Butler University music students Andy Greenwell, Patrick Wright, Alex Cazares and Jordy Long.

They play everything from typical jazz standards to Latin/classic rock songs such as Tito Puente’s  “Oye Como Va” (made famous by Santana).

Greenwell is the front man of the group. He works as a singer and pianist for the group.

Greenwell is charismatic and always knows how to keep the audience enticed. He currently engages in onstage banter between songs to keep the audience entertained.

Wright, a virtuoso guitarist, plays lead guitar and is adept at his improvisation, which features unexpected harmonies that really fit the group’s spontaneity.

Together, Cazares and Long make up the rhythm section, playing bass and drums, respectively.

Cazares is just as comfortable laying down the groove as he is improvising for solos.

Long is the rhythmic centerpiece of the quartet, varying between Motown grooves and faster jams, transitioning seamlessly with aplomb.

The Sunset Four will be playing at Thirsty Scholar on March 7, starting at 9 p.m.