Bulldogs of Butler: Studies and Slurpees



The hallway would be silent if it weren’t for Akeira Jennings.

She is buried in her laptop because Loni McKown, her academic advisor, is waiting for a response.

Jennings is a senior journalism major and international studies and Spanish minor from Chicago.

Akeira Jennings hopes to have a memorable final semester at Butler.

Akeira Jennings hopes to have a memorable final semester at Butler.

As she sits in a chair on the third floor of Jordan Hall, her normally hectic schedule continues.

Between homework and an internship as Butler’s Library Student Liaison, she does not have much time to spend with friends. Most of her final semester at Butler will be spent working.

Jennings recently came to the realization that she and her friends will be going their separate ways soon.

Because of this, she made a New Year’s resolution to “enjoy the little moments” during her last few months as a Bulldog.

“You just get caught up in your studies and your internships,” she said. “While those things are really important and advantageous to any college career, you just need to make sure that you actually enjoy it, too.”

Although Jennings is constantly busy, she is determined to stick to her resolution.

She can only remember one time her promise fell through.

“I tried to give up Slurpees,” she laughs.

In her hometown, Slurpees are a staple of 7-Eleven gas stations, which can be found on every corner.

Slurpees, Jennings said, are superior to slushies in both consistency and flavor variety.

“My mom, I kid you not, used to go to 7-Eleven twice a day when she was pregnant with me,” she said. “She said, ‘I couldn’t believe it! As soon as you didn’t need milk, you wanted Slurpees!’”

For now, Jennings keeps telling herself and others not to “forget about the little things,” she said. “College only lasts for a finite amount of time. So make sure you establish those relationships with the people you want to bring into your next chapter of your life. That is what matters.”

But she doesn’t plan on giving up Slurpees again anytime soon.

“That was the dumbest New Year’s resolution ever,” she laughed.