Broken printers a hassle for students

The printers in the Apartment Village Dawg House seem to be overworked on a regular basis.
One little printer cannot get the job done.
Students would like to see an updated printer or extra printer in the lab.
“It’s frustrating when it’s late at night and I have to drive to the other side of campus,” junior Cassie Albert said.
The Information Technology center on campus is in charge of keeping the printers working for student use.
The Dawghouse is not the only concern. The printers in Jordan Hall and Residential College always seem to be overworked too.
The only reliable printing source is Irwin Library.
It would be nice to see another printer on the far side of campus just in case one breaks down.
This would be a good insurance plan for students. That way, there is always another close printing option if he or she is in a time crunch.
IT does an amazing job with all of the technological devices on campus.
However, it is just aggravating having to take a 15-minute walk to the other side of campus to print off one paper late at night.
If printers cannot be added immediately, then perhaps the printers should be monitored more closely, so students do not have to be in such a panic when it comes to printing papers.


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