Geneva Stunts bring song, dance

Geneva Stunts returns to Butler University this Friday for its 95th year of singing, dancing and fundraising after last year’s break in tradition.

Geneva Stunts is a singing and dancing competition among residents on campus.  It was originally started as a fundraiser for the YMCA to help raise money for campus mission trips like Spring Alternative Break.

Senior Kyle Faulkner, Intercollegiate Butler YMCA vice president, is taking Geneva Stunts in a new direction this year. The Family Weekend tradition was absent from campus last year due to funding issues.

“We’re trying to change Geneva Stunts, which was a fun event all about singing and dancing, and focus it more on the YMCA’s mission,” Faulkner said, “because, ultimately, it’s a fundraiser for philanthropy. If people know more about the cause, they might be more inclined to come.”

Senior Rachel Barenie, Intercollegiate Butler YMCA president, said the money raised during Geneva Stunts goes directly toward funding for Spring Break mission trips in Jamaica and Mexico.

Volunteers on previous trips worked at orphanages by playing with the children, making obstacle courses and painting.

“Service is what we’re all about,” Barenie said. “Geneva Stunts is a fundraiser that helps us volunteer.”

Greek houses and independent Butler residents are paired together to form teams, Faulkner said.

Each team will work throughout the week to prepare a singing and dancing skit to perform in front of a panel of judges during Friday’s event.

Faulkner said the judges will be chosen from Butler and YMCA faculty, and judges will look for evident effort, spirit and relation to the theme and Butler.

This year’s theme is Disney, Faulkner said, and teams choose a single movie or a compilation of different Disney movie songs.

Judges will award trophies to the top three teams, as well as the judges’ and crowd favorites.

A penny war will determine the people’s choice award.

Spectators can toss loose change or dollar bills into their favorite team’s bucket throughout the course of the event.

All proceeds from the penny wars will benefit the YMCA’s mission.

Sophomore Olivia Grace Wolfe will participate in Geneva Stunts as a part of the Kappa Alpha Theta and Delta Tau Delta team.

Wolfe said practices will be shorter and less extreme than practices for other similar events.

“We want it to be a little more low-key and not as intense as Yell Like Hell,” Wolfe said. “It will be a little bit more fun and easy-going.”

Because each Greek house is paired with another house or housing unit, Wolfe said she is most looking forward to meeting new people.

“It’s exciting to get to know some more people and do something fun where you get to work together with them,” Wolfe said.

Faulkner said the event venue is moved from Clowes Memorial Hall to the Atherton Union’s Reilly Room to lower ticket prices.

The Reilly Room has a capacity of 500 people, and Barenie said she hopes event attendance will mirror that number.

Geneva Stunts will take place this Friday at 7 p.m.

Tickets are $2 in advance and $3 at the door.


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