Geneva Stunts canceled

The curtain has dropped on 92 years of tradition.

Geneva Stunts is canceled this year.

Amanda Moore, adviser of the Butler Intercollegiate YMCA, said the event was canceled due to scheduling difficulties.

“We didn’t have any other options,” she said. “We didn’t want to have to compete with the basketball game that is also going on the same night.”

But not all students agreed.

“If it actually raises money for the YMCA, then it is unfortunate that basketball wins over Geneva Stunts,” senior Meg Cychosz said.

Sororities, fraternities, residence halls and commuters were put into groups and asked to create a nine-minute skit.

The skit was performed in Clowes Memorial Hall and had to incorporate the specific theme the groups were assigned.

Junior Ryan Tewell participated in the program last year for the first time.  His group ended up winning.

“It was cool to be involved with Butler’s Y and show its positive side by integrating the Butler Way into our skit,” Tewell said.

Geneva Stunts, the longest running program at Butler, used to be the YMCA’s most lucrative fundraiser.

Moore said that the price to rent Clowes has been increasing annually and now is about $5,000 to $6,000 for an event.

Also, Moore added that a drop in attendance has caused a decrease in ticket sales.

The money that the group earned was used to fund projects such as the alternative spring break program and various volunteer projects.

Dan Schramm, vice president of finance for Butler’s Student Government Association, said that every year the SGA grants committee gives the YMCA money to help offset the production cost and Clowes’ rental fee.
He said that even though Geneva Stunts will not take place this November, the cancellation only applies to this year.

Schramm said the Howard L. Schrott Center for Performing and Visual Arts that is currently under construction “will be a lot more accommodating, cheaper and a better fit for this kind of event.”

Tewell described the event as “a way for families to see how active and hardworking their students are on campus.”

He also said the program gives the Greek system a good name and breaks some of the negative stereotypes associated with Greek life.

Moore said she wants to make sure the students know that all options were considered, and that the YMCA is working with the Butler athletic department to keep the momentum of Geneva Stunts alive.

“Next year we might not have to charge admission in the new performing arts center, and we can focus more on promoting the YMCA and continuing the tradition of Geneva Stunts,” Moore said.


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