Students create church service

Austin Weaver said he came to Butler and was disappointed that none of the Christian services on campus suited his needs.

“I never found one that I really loved” he said. “I just felt like a guest there every week.”

Eventually, Weaver said, he met Pastor Jawaan Wilson and discovered that they shared a mutual vision.

Converge, a student organization that was started last semester, selected 10:43 a.m. as a starting time for services because of the Biblical verse Acts 10:43.

Weaver, a pharmacy major, leads Converge, and with Wilson.

The non-denominational Christian worship organization will resume services Sunday morning in the Johnson Room.

“The service will typically open with a few contemporary worship songs by a band, and then the pastor will deliver the message,” Weaver said.

Converge also offers opportunities for volunteer work and community service around the Butler community, in addition to offering hour-long worship each Sunday morning,.

“We want the Christian community to be as unified as possible,” Weaver said, “so that anyone who is doing a bit of soul-searching in college knows where they can go if they’d like to learn more about what Christ can do in their lives.”

Converge is one of several new student-run worship services on campus that are diversifying religious life at Butler.

“We strive to have a diverse perspective,” said Judith Cebula, director of the Center of Faith and Vocation. “These are groups that help us to be more interfaith.”

“I believed that having an on-campus church that was predominantly Butler students could change that feeling (of being a guest) to a feeling of belonging,” Weaver said. “It took almost two years to get everything into motion, but now, it is finally ready to go.”

Cebula said this is only the beginning of a trend of new energy and start-up groups on Butler’s campus.

“Butler is private and non-religious affiliated,” she said. “Diversity is a really big deal here.”


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