Staff assembly creates new committee

Butler University’s Staff Assembly voted to dissolve it Faculty Relations Committee and replace it with a Networking and Resources Committee.

The Assembly discussed this as a new way to foster and develop relationships between faculty and students at its Sept. 19 meeting.

The new committee will assist new staff members and promote participation within the campus community by strengthening and maintaining a system of resources and support.

Josh Downing, chair of Staff Assembly, said the old committee was solely focused on building a relationship with Butler faculty.

“We’re already doing that as an entire Staff Assembly through various programs,” Downing said. “It really didn’t make sense to have a committee solely devoted to that if we’re already doing that as a whole.”

Downing said that the Assembly provided a positive response to the discussion of the new committee.

“It will evolve over time,” Downing added.  “It has a bit of a new direction.”

The Assembly is working on improving communication and relationships throughout campus. It wants to encourage the use of an online suggestion box, as well as suggestion boxes in Lilly Hall, Jordan Hall and Atherton Union.

Cynthia Payne, a new exploratory academic adviser, said she likes the option of suggestion boxes.

“I think it’s always good to have a way to give feedback, particularly anonymously,” Payne said.  “Having it online is also very convenient.”

Other orders of business included a discussion of upcoming events at Clowes Memorial Hall for the year, National Cholesterol Education Month, a reminder of NCAA rules and regulations with regard to treatment of student-athletes and a plug for the upcoming Hinkle campaign.

Also at the meeting, American Cancer Society representatives presented their goal for Butler to be the first university in the entire country to complete all five aspects of fundraising for the society.

The five areas are: Strides Against Breast Cancer, Coaches vs. Cancer, Relay for Life, Bark for Life and DetermiNation.

Raising money for cancer awareness, prevention and research is a cause close to sophomore Lynn Zeheralis’ heart because she overcame lukemia as a child.

“It’s such an incredible thing to see people showing so much interest in raising more money for the cause,” Zeheralis said.  “Events such as Relay raise money for not only research but also for things such as helping families who need places to stay during cancer treatment or even helping with the cost of treatment.”

With all of the coverage at this month’s meeting, Payne said she’s looking forward to attending more throughout the year.

“They gave a lot of good information this month,” Payne said.  “The Assembly seems like it’s very helpful as far as networking goes, and it helps in learning about different areas of campus.”


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