Women’s tennis sneaks by Broncos, adds to historical season

For the third time this season, the Butler women’s tennis team has defeated an opponent for the first time in school history.

Western Michigan (5-7) was the most recent victim to be added to the Bulldogs’ historic list, losing to Butler (7-4), 4-3, this afternoon.

The doubles point was the deciding factor in the match, since Butler was able to win three of four singles matches and only one of the top four.

Furthermore, freshmen contributed in some manner to three of Butler’s five match victories.

Sophomore Brittany Farmer was 2-0 during the match, winning her No. 6 singles match late during the meeting and winning at No. 2 doubles with senior Gabriela Bobrowski beforehand.

Farmer and Bobrowski were down 0-4 in the match before winning eight consecutive sets to finish 8-4.

Freshman Gabrielle Rubenstein won the No. 5 singles match, 6-4, 7-6, after winning the No. 1 doubles match with freshman Stephanie McLoughlin in a tiebreak.

Freshman Caroline Hedrick was the only singles player in the top four matches to emerge victorious. She grinded her way to a 6-4, 6-3, win against Bronco junior Maria Nivia.

Bobrowski was the nearest of the top four to win her match, losing to last week’s Mid-American Conference Player of the Week freshman Nini Sujashvili.

Butler has won seven of its last eight matches.

Butler plays tomorrow afternoon when they host the University of Houston in the Butler Bubble at 2 p.m. Eastern.


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