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STAFF EDITORIAL | Butler has a chance to redefine partnership with Shortridge

Butler University has had a partnership with Shortridge Magnet High School since 2007 that deepened when the school reopened as a magnet high school in 2009. The school offers Butler a place to train education students and those involved in other areas while Shortridge benefits from collaborating with university staff and sharing resources. But recent

Despite administrative changes, partnership stands

Amid administrative shake-ups and new oversight, administrators at both Butler University and Shortridge Magnet High School say their partnership is growing. The partnership—put into practice between Butler and Indianapolis Public Schools in 2009 when Shortridge reopened as a magnet school for law and public policy—now includes the Early College Program, collaborative workshops for faculty and

Students in Early College Program feel like Butler is their campus, too

When asked what they want to do after college, every Shortridge Magnet High School junior in the Early College Program has a ready answer. They have blended in with Butler University students, walking into class with their C-Club in hand and books in tow. “We’re more comfortable here and less out of place,” Terrence Jackson,