Students and staff react to Starbucks renovations

Baristas prepare drinks behind the counter of the newly-renovated campus Starbucks. Photo by Katerina Anderson.


While Butler has undergone other renovations throughout the summer of 2022, there is one renovation that affects almost all of campus — the remodeling of Starbucks. 

Almost 22 years after its opening in Sept. 1999, Atherton Union’s Starbucks has undergone renovations. Construction included an update of barista equipment along with furniture in the dining area. The new look showcases school spirit with its updated color scheme. Butler blue paint pops off of the walls surrounding the updated dining area where gray tables and chairs wait to be filled with students. 

Starbucks’ official re-opening took place on Aug. 18 following the shutdown last spring after finals week.

Senior arts administration major Victoria Hadrick has spent the last three years as a frequent patron of Starbucks. Even on days that she does not order drinks, she takes the time to stop in and utilize the study area. 

“I believe that Starbucks itself needed to be improved,” Hadrick said. “I feel like the student [seating] area didn’t need to be improved as much. Everyone enjoyed it very much. Other students I’ve talked to also agree they enjoy the old furniture and that the new look has kind of an airport feel.”

First-year finance major Aiden Hatcher said he is much more likely to visit Starbucks now due to the close proximity to Irvington house and its updated facility. 

“I think it’ll definitely be convenient since it’s right there … I think the newer things are, the more likely I am to use it,” Hatcher said.

Karly Keiper, a disability specialist at Butler, said the remodel was “gorgeous,” but that she liked the old furniture too. As a staff member she expressed her appreciation for an on-campus Starbucks available to students. 

“I wish I could get over there more,” Keiper said. 

Atherton Union’s Starbucks accepts flex dollars, Dawg Bucks, cash and card. The location is open seven days per week. 


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