First Butler students to continue their studies in New York City

The skyline of New York City, where Butler students will be studying abroad for the first time this semester. Collegian file photo.


Starting this year, Butler students will begin classes not only in Indianapolis and Washington D.C., as a study abroad opportunity, but also in New York City for some juniors and seniors.

This is the first year Butler students will be able to complete a semester of their schooling in NYC. They will have the opportunity to take courses and complete an internship during their semester there.

Like the current program that sends students to Washington D.C., the New York City Semester Learning Program involves a group of seven students from various major.

Throughout their time, the students are completing an internship focused on their major. The students then have the option of taking up to 15 credit hours to keep them on track for graduation while they make connections in NYC with professionals and Butler alumni. All is done in a minimum of four days a week.

The creator of the program, Rusty Jones, director of the program and faculty director of the Center for High Achievement and Scholarly Engagement, has helped those in the program. He has tried to ensure an enriching learning experience as he helped set up individual internships that will help assure the educational growth for each student.

“I hope this program has an impact on personal and professional lives, for creating this program has truly been a fulfilling process,” Jones said. “I can’t wait to see how it grows in the future as the program continues to focus not on quantity but quality.”

Jones created this program in light of Washington D.C. It has been successful but mainly drew a lot of liberal arts and science majors, so he wanted something that offered more diversity. That’s why he thought the Big Apple would be an ideal destination. Jones said he valued the educational opportunities NYC gave and wanted to see the broadening of horizons.

Two of the participating students in the program includes Kathleen McConnaghy, a junior recording industry studies major.

“New York City has everything I want as I look for an opportunity to gain a new perspective of my major,” McConnaghy said. “I know what I want, but at the same time don’t know, so NYC will allow me to make connections and gain more experience in the music industry. I can’t wait to challenge myself throughout the semester.”

In general, McConnaghy said she is excited since it will be different from Butler and her hometown. She is an intern with Emmis Communications.

Junior Kelsie Kasper, a sports media major, will be completing an internship with Madison Square Garden Association working with the New York Rangers hockey team. Kasper will have the ability to participate in many shadowing opportunities and learn many different things regarding her major.

“This is a chance for me to grow and reach my dreams,” Kasper said. “It’ll be an eye-opening experience. I’m nervous to live on my own as the culture will be different, but once I learn it, like riding the subway, it’ll be a lot of fun. I love how everything is still through Butler and everything is put together as an experience.”

Jones, a CHASE faculty director, will be holding information sessions over the New York City Learning Semester in early October for anyone interested in the program. More information throughout the year regarding the program can also be found on the Butler’s website:


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