Butler crime logs show 159 instances of crime in three months

Rape, fraud, and theft are were all reported to BUPD this semester. Collegian file photo.

ZACH HORRALL | DIGITAL EDITOR | zhorrall@butler.edu

Over the course of the semester, 159 instances of crime were reported to the Butler University police department, including minor consumption, rape, fraud, theft and vandalism.


The bulk of the reported crimes was possession and consumption of alcohol by a minor. According to the BUPD crime log, 64 minors received citations for consuming alcohol illegally this semester. A majority of the incidents happened in ResCo at 12 citations. There were seven minor consumption citations issued at residence halls that were not identified in the crime log.

Apartment Village had 10 instances on the crime log. The Christian Theological Seminary apartment had seven instances, Fairview had six and Ross Hall had three.

Diane Sweeney, assistant chief of administration for BUPD, said Butler police offers the diversion course to students who have been caught drinking underage. The diversion course is an information session and community service session that students can take to clear their record.

“That particular program will lead to nothing being on a student’s record, a summons being destroyed, keeps students’ names out of IMPD records and will result in no criminal history,” she said.



The crime that happened second most this semester was criminal mischief/vandalism. There were 24 instances since January. The Clery Act is nationwide, Sweeney said, and when someone’s property is damaged, some states use the term vandalism while other states use the term criminal mischief. Indiana uses the term criminal mischief.

In three months, there were five criminal mischief cases in Fairview reported to BUPD. Apartment Village also had its share with three criminal mischief cases.



Theft was reported to BUPD 21 times this semester alone. While a couple instances of theft were reported at Fairview and ResCo, the crime was more spread out throughout campus and did not occur often in one area more than another.



Eight rape cases were reported to BUPD since January. Three of the eight occurred this semester. Only one case, which happened Jan. 20, was reported before the IndyStar published a story about a parent who alleges her daughter’s case was mishandled by the university.

According to the 2016 clery report, there were 12 rapes reported at Butler University. In just three months, reported rapes at Butler have passed more than half those reported in 2016. Clery reports run a year behind because the results are submitted in October.

Sweeney said if a rape or sexual assault is reported, BUPD and Butler’s Title IX coordinator Jamie Brennan are both notified. She added that when victims report rape cases, they are not necessarily going to the police for action.

“They’re seeking out help, they’re not looking for police involvement,” she said. “Very seldom do we have a name, so we don’t have a name and we can’t reach out to people. There’s not a lot we can do with it. I have to document it for the Clery Act and for Timely Warning decisions.


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