Three prominent staff members on campus no longer employed by Butler

This story has been updated to include the university’s response and reasoning behind Hope England Smith’s departure.


Anne Flaherty, Doug Howell and Karla Cunningham are no longer employed at Butler University, according to an email sent to Resident Assistants Thursday night. Flaherty served as the dean of student life, while Cunningham and Howell served as director and associate director of residence life, respectively.

Four RAs confirmed the news with the Collegian. When contacted by email, individuals receive an automatic reply indicating each person is “no longer with Butler University.”

The exact reason for the change is unclear, but a source indicated a survey sent out earlier this year may have led to the decision. The source said it was sent out by Frank Ross, vice president of student affairs, and came back with a negative consensus for Flaherty, Howell and Cunningham.

Upon reaching out to other members of the Residence Life staff for comment, the Collegian discovered that Hope England Smith, residence life coordinator for Apartment Village, Butler Terrace, University Terrace and CTS, also no longer works for the university.

Smith said she stopped working for the university four months ago when she joined the Campus Crusade for Christ staff. She said she has no information regarding the departures of Flaherty, Howell and Cunningham.

All of Smith’s information is still on the Residence Life section of Butler University’s website, and is still listed as an employee under her previous position.

The university declined to provide a statement, citing they would not comment on personnel issues. The Collegian has also reached out to Frank Ross for comment.

Rachel Anderle, Zach Horrall and Marisa Miller contributed to this story. We will continue to follow up as we gather more information.


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