Butler vs. Youngstown State: Social media roundup

Paul Jorgensen is all smiles after Butler’s big 95-67 win over Youngstown State. Jorgensen has reason to be happy as he scored 15 points in the win. Photo by Jimmy Lafakis.

ZACH HORRALL | DIGITAL EDITOR | zhorrall@butler.edu

Indianapolis’ first snowfall of the year was prime weather for the Penguins, but the Bulldogs melted their chances and took another dominating victory. There was no shortage of penguin jokes or celebratory tweets on Twitter today.


The Penguins couldn’t handle the heat. ? ?


They couldn’t get out of there any faster! ? ?


I just don’t think bulldogs were meant to get along with penguins… ? ??


An award-worthy design.

Hinkle was pretty outside and inside today. ❄️ ?


Be LaVall. Get you a Lemon eighty. ?


You get a layup, you get a layup, EVERYONE gets a layup!


You’re right. It wasn’t a fair game for them.


Christian showed Youngstown how to dunk: with AUTHORITY!


Go Dawgs!


Glad Campbell could make your day. He makes everyone’s day.


Pauly never stops.


It’s a good day for basketball. ?


The streak is alive!




How bout them seats!


Students always have time for Butler basketball.


Once Bulldogs, always Bulldogs.


Finals are looking pretty good after today.


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