Butler vs. Georgetown: Social media rundown

Kelan Martin steals a glance to the bench during a game at Hinkle Fieldhouse earlier this season. Martin scored 27 points against Georgetown, the second highest for the team. Collegian file photo.

ZACH HORRALL | DIGITAL EDITOR | zhorrall@butler.edu

Butler pulled off a remarkable 91-89 win in double overtime, and in doing so sent many fans through a glass case of emotions. From thinking this was going to be an embarrassing 20+ point loss, to thinking there was a chance, to heart failure, overtime and double overtime, fans felt it all.


Dawgs are No. 1


They look like sad twins. ?


There it is!


That. Happened.


It’s all thanks to this guy. ?


Be better, Jordan.


Everything is great.


Try not liking the Bulldogs. I dare you.


You’re telling me.


But for some reason you just can’t stop.


Start scheduling your doctor appointments along with Butler basketball.


He didn’t consult his doctor…




Overtime trumps ER heart attack visit.


Bill Nye the Butler Bulldogs Guy!


Now you tell us.


510 W. 49th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208


Might be harder than you think.


Better or worse than a heart attack?


Dawgs will do that from time to time.


Disclamer: Dawgs may take 20 years off your life.


Hey this guy only lost 3 weeks.


So we’re up to heart attacks, out of body experiences, horrible aging, panic attacks and headaches. Got it ✏️?


This game!


lol at Xavier.


You could say it was exciting.






Not sure why anyone would.





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