Butler students flock to Karaoke & Qdoba

Photo courtesy of Butler SGA Twitter

Elizabeth Hackl | Culture Editor | ehackl@butler.edu

The line of hungry students was out the door of the Fairview House on Friday, Aug. 26. Eager entertainment-seekers joined fellow Qdoba-lovers with BU Good Clean Fun.


Photo courtesy of Lizzy Hackl | Students enter Fairview House for the Karaoke & Qdoda event.

Butler’s Student Government Association provided multiple trays of delicious queso and other mouth-watering Qdoba favorites for Karaoke & Qdoba. The event was designed to give first-year students an opportunity to meet new friends and have easily-accessible innocent fun on a Friday night.
Students of all ages and grades joined the party to grab a bite to eat and sing a few songs on stage. Two sophomore dance majors took the stage and belted “Don’t Stop Believing” while a band performed instrumental music.

courtesy of Butler SGA

Photo courtesy of Nolan Mikowski’s Twitter | Butler students listen to their fellow Dawgs sing on Friday, Aug. 26.

First-year students Cassidy Horn and Paulina Stolarska joined the fun in search for good food.

“I think they should’ve gotten more meat and queso,” Stolarska said.

SGA succeeded at picking a tasty menu that many students wanted more of.

“It was a fun idea. I already love being at Butler so much,” Horn said.

With or without Qdoba, students were able to meet friends they wouldn’t normally meet. Butler constantly offers free opportunities to make life-long friends in a community that cares.

Students can look forward to upcoming events, such as Cookies & Canvas on Friday, Aug. 2 and an Indian’s baseball game on Saturday, Aug. 3.

Butler SGA will host more BU Good Clean Fun activities throughout the beginning of the school year.