Bulldogs of Butler: Music major Chris De Tar


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Percussion Major, Panda And Haribo Gummy Bear Lover, and Future Paris Connoisseur: Who Could This Be? Read On to Find Out.

Name: Chris De Tar

From: Indianapolis, Indiana specifically Franklin Township

Major: Music Performance for percussion

Minor: Considering adding Recording Industry minor

Involvements on Campus: Works at High-Ropes course and Schrott Center for the Arts, goes to Cru (an evangelical Christian organization) small groups every week, and is a member of ensemble groups: wind ensemble, percussion ensemble, and new music ensemble/ composer orchestra

Dream Job: “I’m open to what college may throw at me or what may come my way, but I would love to work somewhere that I can perform or play drums religiously. I would love to work either at a Church or start a Christian band.

Favorite Animal: Panda. “It’s always cute and adorable in pictures and I love the meme that says, ‘I’m black, white, and Asian. I can’t be racist.’”

Favorite Movie: Seven “It’s a thriller with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. The ending is perfect. I just saw Batman vs. Superman and really liked it. You have to go in with no anticipation or comparison to other movies; just except a good superhero movie.”

Favorite Genre of Music and Favorite Song: “That’s like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. With being a percussionist, you have to be an expert at every kind of musical genre; so, whatever gets me paid that night is my favorite genre.”

Q&A with Chris De Tar

Collegian: What inspired you to choose your major?

Chris: “I’ve always known that I was good at performing growing up and people have told me that I’m good at it. I really like playing.”

He started taking percussion lessons in the 3rd grade and started performing in the 6th grade.

TBC: Did you always want to go to Butler?

CT: I went to a big high school, which made me like the idea of going to a small college to get individual attention. I wanted to look at Butler because the majority of the people who taught me music growing up went to Butler and my sister is a current senior here. I talked to Butler’s Percussion Director and realized that Butler seemed to care about me more than other school did.

TBC: It seems like you’ve had an awesome year so far with all of your involvements. What are your plans for the upcoming summer?

CT: “I’m studying abroad in Paris for pretty much the entire month of May to study music history. This will probably be the only time I study abroad and if I could travel anywhere it would be Europe, specifically Paris, so I’m excited for the food and culture, especially the food, haha.”

TBC: What’s your favorite food?

CT: “Haribo gummy bears. My family and I had a German exchange student for a year and she had Haribo flown in from Germany. I ate a two-pound bag in about 30 seconds and loved it.”

TBC: Do you enjoy performing a certain genre compared to listening to one or do you think it is equal?

CT: “I really like performing with marching percussion because you’re physically active. You’re playing on the floor doing crazy stuff in front of a large, cheering audience. The adrenaline is so high; nothing else can capture that.”