Participate in Homecoming !

PAIGE LISTON | | Opinion Columnist

Get involved. This reminder has been burned in your brain ever since you were a freshman in high school.

Without a doubt, student involvement is even more important during the Homecoming festivities.

At Butler, Homecoming week is an easy way for every student on campus to participate and feel like they are truly a part of a community. Alumni will return and student organizations will take part in fun activities throughout the week to show their Bulldog pride.

Still, it is unfortunate that Butler seems to favor Greek organizations during Homecoming. Sororities and fraternities are paired together for special Homecoming competitions like lawn decorations and Yell Like Hell.

Butler’s Student Government Association wants everyone to show homecoming spirit, not only members of Greek life.

Caroline Wegener, a member of the SGA’s program board special events committee, said it is the SGA’s job to reach out to commuters and residential life students to encourage them participate in events.

“Unfortunately, there’s a stigma that Homecoming is for Greek life only, but we really want the whole campus to get involved,” Wegener said. “Homecoming week is a great time to foster relationships and meet people outside of your circle.”

Wegener said it is most important for freshmen to get involved. This is their first time taking part in a college homecoming, or any major campus event.

“It is the hardest to get freshmen involved, because they don’t really know anyone,” she said. “High-school homecoming and college homecoming are two completely different things, and it is important for freshmen to realize that.”

I regret not being more involved in Homecoming week activities as a freshman.

Junior Greg Cerabona, the RA captain for Ross Hall this year, said the best way to gain new student interest in Homecoming is to realize what type of people the organizations in charge are trying to reach.

“For the guys in my hall, I had to figure out their common interests,” Cerabona said. “They are all athletic, so if events have sports or food involved, they will want to show up.”

There are many opportunities on Butler’s campus, so no student should be left out of the planning.

“I don’t think Greek life is the only student organization that is emphasized, because the pairings include everyone,” Cerabona said. “The events are not just specific to fraternities and sororities–they are campus-wide.”

Residence halls, commuters and Greek life are all paired with one another to take part in honored Butler traditions.

Homecoming is a great time to step outside your comfort zone. Get involved as much as you can. It gives you the opportunity to meet new people while showing your pride of being a Butler Bulldog.